Mobile Food Vending

Uncle Dave's Chuckwagon

  Welcome to Uncle Dave’s Chuckwagon by Kieft Hospitality Company. When not in service as a mobile kitchen for large catering events, the Chuckwagon is visiting fairs and festivals across Michigan to bring our delicious cuisine to those who demand it. Uncle Dave’s Chuckwagon is a fully licensed food establishment with the ability to amazing things. Completely self contained, this unique wagon transforms into the pinnacle of outdoor “street food” everywhere we go. Look below for the Uncle Dave’s Chuckwagon menu. Please note, not all items are ever served at one time, the menu listed is simply a full list of the awesome goodness that goes out our windows throughout the year! For an event specific menu scroll to the bottom of the page and check out our calendar, click on your desired event for the menu for that event! Organizing and event or sitting on a vendor committee? Uncle Dave’s Chuckwagon would love the opportunity to sell at your event and keep your attendees well fed.      

The Snack Shack

  Welcome to the Snack Shack by Kieft Hospitality Company. This creative trailer is compact and offers a limited menu of what we call sideline food (because this trailer is seen at mostly sports events). Specializing in gourmet hotdogs and 101 ways to serve them, you’ll find quick and delicious food ready in seconds.  Organizing an event or sitting on a vendor committee? The Snack Shack would love the opportunity to sell at your event and keep your attendees well fed. Offering dogs of all kinds, we are a great compliment to family fun days, sports tournaments, and community gatherings. We currently work with several sports organizations feeding hungry tournament goers and participants, and would love to fee you too!  

Uncle Dave's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Uncle Dave's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade is not your standard Lemonade Stand.  Starting with fresh Lemons, pure cane sugar and water; we squeeze each lemon to order.  This helps preserve the flavor and quality you expect from any Kieft Hospitality product.  Seasonally we're known to add strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other sweet treats to customize that familiar summer flavor.  

Uncle Dave's Lemonade is available for parties, fairs, festivals and any event you can think of.  Call us to get your taste of the perfect lemon.