About Us


We're here to make dining a fun experience, no matter the occasion, because we have fun and love what we do. 


It's all about the food, and how the food  can contribute to the experience.  Your guests will remember the meal.


Food brings people together, sparks new friendships and continues to bring friends together.  

About Chefs Dave and Bill

How it all began

   Kieft Hospitality Company was started in 2011 by two up and coming Chefs that at the time had a combined experience of 22 years. We enjoy working with people, meeting new faces and challenging ourselves on a daily basis. After being asked to cater a friends party, and then a pig roast, we decided we should make the fun available to everyone. Since opening in March 2011, we have prepared intimate private dinner parties, pig roasts, wedding buffets, concessions, meat processing services, and have enjoyed some unusual requests. Over time, our reputation began to build on our meat. Slow smoked over coals and wood (we rarely ever use gas flame) accompanied by our simple down home favorite side dishes made with the freshest local ingredients. To this day, everything is made from scratch, right down to our signature sauces, salads and sides. 

 A couple years in and we were asked by a local club if we would provide their food for an all day event and it was a challenge we accepted-ask us someday about that interesting nightmare. Our menu was such a success that we wasted no time adding concessions to our resume quickly earning participation at some of the hottest local fairs and festivals. Everything is still made from scratch, and to order, and although most customers understand and don’t mind the few minute wait while we prepare their order, we did feel that fast must also be addressed. In 2015 we launched our “Snack Shack” as a separate concession from Uncle Dave’s Chuckwagon specializing in gourmet hot dogs and “sideline” favorites like nachos and packaged chips/candy. 

2017 saw another milestone as we opened Ridgetown Grub, a Fast Fresh and Locally sourced sandwich shop in Sparta.  However, if you think a sandwich is a sandwich, you should stop by and let us prove you wrong!  We still put as much passion, fun and creativity into all our work!